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Lani Sweets & Treats took root in Honolulu on December, 2010 from the love of a wife determined to helped her husband cure his chronic stomach problems. She had deep roots and beliefs in the power of ginger as a natural cure-all for many stomach problems. With great passion, and determination, and months of experiment, she created the World's first Hawaiian ginger chips using local, organic Hawaiian yellow ginger grown on Kauai, infusing it with fresh-squeezed lime juice from limes grown on the North Shore of Oahu along with some organic cane sugar, without using any additives or preservatives.  It was the birth of a new, delicious, healthy, organic, local ginger snack that is sweet at first with subtle hints of lime, and a spicy, gingery finish.  She went on to create the World's first Hawaiian turmeric chips a few years later using fresh, organic Hawaiian red turmeric grown on Kauai infusing them with the same ingredients and passion she had used to make the original Hawaiian ginger chips.  From this loving and humble beginning, Lani Sweets & Treats has been sharing and evolving the world of ginger and turmeric into healthy, quality, gourmet snacks. Regarded as superfoods, turmeric and ginger have incredible health benefits. We invite everyone to come and share with us these amazing "ROOTS OF LIFE".


Wishing you peace, love, happiness, and abundant health,

Malig  Livya

Ginger Man Turmeric Lady



Please join us on a journey of pictures and sounds as we show you the birthplace and creation of our ginger and turmeric chips.

Note: For a description of each picture you see, simply scroll down and drag the arrow into the picture until it turns into a pointy hand.  The description will then appears at the bottom of each picture.

Enjoy the ride!


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